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Garlic paste

This is one of the essential items in Lebanese food. You can make it every couple of weeks and store it in the fridge. Garlic paste or toom is used in a myriad ways: Slather it on pita bread when making sandwiches or falafel or sheesh tawuk Use it as an ingredient for making hummus […]

Stuffed Cabbage Leaves (Mehche Malfoof)

An exquisite dish! the cabbage leaves meltingly tender and the meat and rice stuffing give a comforting feeling all permeated by the faint taste of lemon, garlic and mint. It can be partially cooked and frozen which makes it ideal for a party. This is Lebanese cuisine at its finest, humble yet refined… INGREDIENTS: 1 […]

Kibbeh pie with meat

or what is commonly called kibbeh b’sanyyeh. I love the food processor! that way, instead of spending literally hours pounding and pounding in a corner of the kitchen like a slave I can get a kibbeh done in about 15 minutes if I plan ahead and have the stuffing ready. It is yet an undiscovered […]
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Cilantro Pesto (Aliyyeh)

The Italians have their pesto, the French their pistou and the Lebanese have the cilantro pesto commonly called aliyyeh. It is a simple mixture of fresh garlic, cilantro and olive oil, sauteed for mere seconds till the fragrance is released and the ingredients bond together into a manageable paste. The idea is to barely cook […]

A Lebanese-American cooks…

Hi! Kifak? Ça va? Grew up in Beirut. Had a Teta (grand-mother) at home  in charge of the cooking. Family was francophone. Dad had grown up in Egypt, mom was from Beirut and Sidon. I started this blog because even though I have been an American for over  30 years, my passion for my country of […]