Monthly Archives: January 2009

French onion soup

My son  was taunting me: “can you make a French onion soup as good as Panera’s (a chain of bakeries in Dallas)? as the French say mon sang n’a fait qu’un tour. I will make a French onion soup that will knock your socks off, said I. There!  I, who had French onion soup at […]

Tabbouli salad

This salad, which is always present  on a mezze, is the essence of Lebanese cuisine. When it is properly made, it is like being thrust into a garden: the fragrance imparted by the fresh parsley is incredibly titillating. There is no other salad in the world with such a shock value for the senses. That […]

Couscous with lamb shanks and pearl onions (Moghrabiyeh)

Some dishes are fit for royalty. This is one of them. I remember the anticipation of having moghrabyeh prepared for us by my dad’s favorite cousin in the mountains in the village of Maad; hers was the best and I still have her recipe that she passed on to my mother. Alas, the cousin is […]

Breakfast, Lebanese-style

Mmm…This is such a lovely sight! Fresh labneh, luscious extra virgin olive oil nestled in its fold, juicy tomatoes, always a bowl of olives and of course fresh mint and some pita bread…I am in heaven! This is the traditional Lebanese breakfast that will set your day right! I tear off a piece of pita […]

Cauliflower fritters with Tarator sauce

  I know what you’re thinking! Cauliflower! How dull! Well, trust me, this dish will completely change your mind about this admittedly unexciting vegetable. In fact, you will first try one, just for kicks, then another, then you will not allow anyone to get close to the plate! You will finish the entire cauliflower in […]