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Purslane and pita salad (Fattoosh)

Fattoosh is as ubiquitous on a Lebanese table as Tabbooleh. It is prepared with fresh ba’leh or purslane, tomatoes, green onions, mint, sumak, and also leftover pita bread. Now you may be wondering about purslane. Purslane can be found in organic groceries labeled as mache, and, trust me, you will pay for that adorable French […]
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Zucchini Fritters (Ejjeh Koossa)

This is an absolutely scrumptious dish. We usually ate it the day after having the koossa mehche (stuffed zucchini in meat)  as it is made with the flesh gathered after coring the zucchini for koossa. It is eaten at room temperature stuffed in pita for a quick lunch or as an appetizer  before dinner as […]

Spinach and rice quiche

In Beirut, growing up, we used to go out for Italian food all the time; either for pizza (around the Corniche) or at a cafe in Hamra for lasagna or escalopes milanaise. My mother’s friend who left Egypt after Nasser started nationalizing everything even opened a tiny hole-in-the wall in Hamra making fresh pasta. This […]
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Zucchini stuffed with lamb (Koossa Mehchi)

I was in the mood for some koossa Mehche …We used to have it once a week, either in tomato sauce or in laban (yogurt sauce). Those were the days…comforting and homey food. The neighborhood’s middle-eastern grocery sells Mexican zucchini and these will have to do. In Lebanon, the zucchini are tiny, no more than […]

Fig jam cookie roll

Today is Valentine’s day.  Hence this cookie, a combination of rugelah and maamool of sorts. I used a recipe from Rose Levy Beranbaum’s book Rose’sChristmas Cookies and given it a Lebanese touch by stuffing it with fig jam, walnuts, anise and sesame. The richness of cream cheese in the dough and fig jam and walnut […]
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