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Tahini and Carob molasses (Debess u tahineh)


Move over peanut butter and jelly, move over dulce de leche, I got me my dibs wa tahini! I am going to sit down somewhere and savor that creamy, dark, sweet,nutty, earthy, intensely satisfying combination of tahini and carob molasses. It is going to take me all of five seconds to open the jars, […]

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Falafel sandwiches

There is a good measure of excitement when one decides: ” That’s it! today, let’s make homemade falafel” You will actually need plenty of enthusiasm for this project, because it is, shall we say it? time-consuming! So, set aside a couple of daysand you will make falafel that you can be proud of!
Now, like […]

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Cardamom and almond cookies ( Shakar Lama)


Our August Challenge is here – Representing the Iraqi Cuisine

Iraq for me is a word that elicits simultaneously happiness and sadness. I was extremely lucky to visit Iraq  in the early seventies with my family. My dad’s close friend lived in Baghdad. He had a  beautiful rose garden. I loved eating masgoof by […]

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Garlic from China

Cooking mainly Lebanese food, as I do, I end up buying garlic on a weekly basis. I noticed that in the last few months (or was it years?) I was  not having good luck with garlic. It is more often than not old. So, I dump it and hope for better luck next time. […]

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Beef shawarma sandwich


There are times when a serious longing for a shawarma sandwich has to be satisfied. My daughter texted me from school to let me know all her friends had been talking about shawarma, and could we please go get some!?

Shawarma comes from the root verb shawee which means to grill. It is found at […]

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Rice pudding رز بالحليب


I don’t know why I don’t make this more often. Everybody loves it and it is also good for you. I saw a handful of rice leftover and I thought “that’s it”, I will make roz bel haleeb!  Picked up Anissa’s book Lebanese Cuisine and voilà!

Recipe from Lebanese Cuisine by Anissa Helou, adapted.

INGREDIENTS: Quantity […]

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Apricot tart


This tart was probably born out of the realization that there should be other uses for the homemade apricot jam besides making the children “aroosseh” (pita roll-up) for an after-school snack. I have made the pastry hundreds of times, it is foolproof. I used the jam I made but any good jam will be […]

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Eggplant dip (Baba Ghanouj)


Eggplant is one of those vegetables that you start out hating as a kid and as an adult you can’t get enough of.  Lebanese cuisine has many outstanding eggplant dishes. This one is by far the easiest to produce and the most popular. It is served at every mezze. Actually the best m’tabbal I […]

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Pine nut and garlic sauce (tarator bel-snoobar)


Brought back a stash  of pine nuts with me in my luggage, dutifully declared at customs. Pine nuts in Lebanon are so good! They always bring back fond memories of entire summers spent in Ain Zhalta (Shoof area) treasure-hunting these delightful snoobar. We’d grab a pine cone that seemed promising and feverishly  dislodge the […]

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Jellab drink

One  thing I can’t wait to experience when I go back to Beirut: drinking a jellab! Back in the sixties and seventies, we used to order it at the Riviera, one of the  many beaches that studded the coastline right outside of the city. A waiter would approach and present this tall glass of […]

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