Monthly Archives: September 2009

Pear Cupcakes

I made this in Beirut last summer when we received a bushelful of pears from our orchard. It is really easy to make and taste delicious and light. I made it again yesterday in the shape of cupcakes. Apparently, the cupcake craze has reached Beirut too, which prompted an article in the online news […]

Potatoes with cilantro pesto

This is the one item on a mezze menu in Lebanon I will always order. I just think the combo of potatoes, cilantro, garlic and hot pepper is dynamite!  Try it once and you will be hooked. Real simple and apparently a dish from south Lebanon as well. INGREDIENTS: 1 bag ( 1 1/2 pounds […]

Bulgur salad with tomatoes and herbs ( Kammoonet al-banadoora)

l A fellow  taxi driver in Beirut was describing the kammooneh (from kammoon, cumin) and talking about his village in the south, near the border with Israel. He was  mentioning the delicious cumin spice that goes in that dish. My curiosity  was piqued  and I was planning to try it. Luck would have it that […]

Kibbé, Besharri-style

This past summer, I sat down with  Thérèse,  who works as a cook for a few lucky families, and watched her make kibbé, Besharri-style. This is the town that she comes from and this is where she learned this method. Besharri is a village in the north of Lebanon, most famous because it happens to […]

Spaghetti Squash in Sage and Pistachio sauce

I know: You are off carbs and that’s it! Well, here is a way to eat a delightful vegetable and feel healthy doing it! Ever had spaghetti squash? Unassuming, when you cut it open it will reveal strands of spaghetti-like filaments. The taste is subtle and fresh and light. Perfect for a first course or […]