Monthly Archives: January 2010

Holy Bread (Qurban)

This sweet (holy)  bread is just good! According to Chef Ramzi, in The Culinary Heritage of Lebanon, this recipe is at least 100  years old; how about dating  back to the  Byzantine period? In the town of Deir el Qamar in the Shouf where  our family originates,we  would buy this sweet bread at the store; […]

Giveaway result

I think it was the Lebanese poet Kahlil Gibran (The Prophet) who emphasized that one’s children are their own people and will fly out of the nest like birds do, or something to that effect; I don’t know why but this thought of his stuck with me !  He was right, OF COURSE, and I […]

Tangerine Sorbet

My parents used to entertain frequently at home while I was growing up in Beirut; my mother would often serve this dessert  when tangerines were in season; she would carve the flesh out of the fruit, make a sorbet  and  fill the fruit with it. Yesterday,  I stopped by the Vietnamese market on my way […]

Radish greens salad with dried cranberries and chick peas

Please, please, please, dear reader, next time you grab a bunch of radishes with healthy, vibrant-looking greens, give this salad a try! Or any salad! These greens are good for you and taste great! Just make sure to dunk them a few times in cold water to clean them out thoroughly. This salad has a […]

Two-flavored sandwiches for Happy Hour

Did you know that a Lebanese man invented the iPOD? The Swatch? Conquered the Seven Summits? These are sandwiches for a cocktail or happy hour. I have two different fillings to propose. One is simply mixing some blue cheese with labneh and the other is a tapénade, or a black olive paste with tuna. These […]