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Stuffed Cabbage (Mehshi Malfoof)


I have a  love/hate relationship with  cabbage.  I hate the smell of cabbage when it is cooking in water. Hate it so much that I want to grab it and toss it out the window. Its smell makes me think of Zola or Dickens,  people living in hovels, eating cabbage and water. 

However, when it […]

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Biscotti with hazelnuts, chocolate nibs and cranberries

I spotted some beautiful biscottis in and I knew I had to make them! Making the dough sounded as easy as 1,2,3. I am in the mood for easy right now!


The  recipe called  for cinnamon and I prefer to bypass  cinnamon in sweet things; see, in our Lebanese kitchen, we use cinnamon every […]

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Nisrine has tagged me and I am to play a little game; the game consists of listing three favorite places and post about it.  Fine, Nisrine, as long as you don’t ask me to play bridge, I will do it.

Arlequin in San Fransisco, California, Mariages Frères in Paris, France and  Al-Baba sweets, in Saida, Lebanon

Starting […]

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Spinach and rice casserole (Sabanegh be-roz)

You know what happens when you are a child and you are not particularly welcome in the kitchen? You start to rely on your sense of smell to give you an indication ofwhat is going on! For instance, if you smell ghee (samneh) sizzling in the pot, you know a stew is being made […]

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Candied chick peas (Kdaameh)

My neighbor Mary was over and (like everybody else these days) is on a Weight Watchers diet. I introduced her to these candied chick peas or kdaameh which she kept popping in her mouth; she could not believe she was eating chick peas and a candy at the same time. We used to eat […]

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Cheesecake (Knefeh)

Knefeh is our national cheesecake; it is eaten in Lebanon forbreakfast as well as dessert. Like all pastries, it does not contain eggs; made of  a cheese  similar to mozzarella and a semolina and butter crust. It is sweetened by dousing syrup on it after it comes out from the oven, piping hot. It […]

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Lobster and shrimp soup


In the late nineties, Andrea Bocelli came to Lebanon to perform inBeit Eddine, a historic palace in the Shouf mountains. My dad, who never missed a concert with opera in it, invited us to join him.  I was stunned to hear the audience, composed mainly of twenty  year-olds, singing along  in Italian, at […]

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Strawberry tarts in a jiffy

Let’s face it: All of us foodies like to make things from scratch, believing strongly that this is the only way that food will taste its best. No argument there. However, there are times when this is just not possible. Life gets in the way; appointments, traffic, bad plumbing, cat had a accident in the […]

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Citrus salad


Have you noticed the incredible variety of citrus on display these days? I can’t keep up! Tangelos, Pummelos, Navel, Seville, Honey tangerines, Valencia, Satsuma, Moro, Cara Cara and more; I know people who have serious cravings for a rack of ribs, but when I have a serious craving it is usually for somethingcitrusy. Why […]

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Lentil kibbeh balls stuffed with cheese

A while back, I posted a  lentil kibbeh recipe, a dish specific to areas in Southern Lebanon. I got a comment from Peter suggesting that it be fried. My initial reaction, to be honest, was like that of a Greek being told by a Frenchman: “It might be a good idea to stuff your spanakopitta […]

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