Monthly Archives: February 2010

Stuffed Cabbage (Mehshi Malfoof)

I have a  love/hate relationship with  cabbage.  I hate the smell of cabbage when it is cooking in water. Hate it so much that I want to grab it and toss it out the window. Its smell makes me think of Zola or Dickens,  people living in hovels, eating cabbage and water.  However, when it […]

Biscotti with hazelnuts, chocolate nibs and cranberries

I spotted some beautiful biscottis in and I knew I had to make them! Making the dough sounded as easy as 1,2,3. I am in the mood for easy right now!   The  recipe called  for cinnamon and I prefer to bypass  cinnamon in sweet things; see, in our Lebanese kitchen, we use cinnamon […]


Nisrine has tagged me and I am to play a little game; the game consists of listing three favorite places and post about it.  Fine, Nisrine, as long as you don’t ask me to play bridge, I will do it. Arlequin in San Fransisco, California, Mariages Frères in Paris, France and  Al-Baba sweets, in Saida, Lebanon […]

Candied chick peas (Kdaameh)

My neighbor Mary was over and (like everybody else these days) is on a Weight Watchers diet. I introduced her to these candied chick peas or kdaameh which she kept popping in her mouth; she could not believe she was eating chick peas and a candy at the same time. We used to eat those […]

Cheesecake (Knefeh)

Knefeh is our national cheesecake; it is eaten in Lebanon forbreakfast as well as dessert. Like all pastries, it does not contain eggs; made of  a cheese  similar to mozzarella and a semolina and butter crust. It is sweetened by dousing syrup on it after it comes out from the oven, piping hot. It is […]