Monthly Archives: March 2010

Chile Rellenos with roasted green wheat

I love Mexican cuisine. I can enjoy it in Texas of course, but also in Lebanon where  I had an outstanding Mexican five-course meal in Deir EL-Kamar one summer, during a gala event; a Mexican chef had been flown in especially for the occasion and created an amazing spread of chile rellenos, mole, ceviches, etc. […]

Swiss chard stalks salad (Selk bel-tahineh)

In  third world countries or countries euphemistically described as in the process of development, the local cuisine strives to use up every available foodstuff; hence in Lebanon, not only is the swiss chard  widely consumed  but the stalks are eaten as well in a separate mezze dish. If you like the ubiquitous tarator dressing, used […]

Sardine Hummus on pita

It all started this weekend when my friend Phoebe, who often assists  me with my cooking projects was telling my neighbor Mary, who  helps me consume my kitchen projects, ” You remember Mary thatspiced fish that she made that was so good?”, and turning to me ” You know it is time you did it […]

Swiss Chard cake

This is a recipe from Lebanese  chef Marlene Mattar. I am Lebanese-born, which means that I love stuffed grape leaves. I hate stringy, rubbery, stuffed grape leaves. I am appalled at restaurants that are not ashamed to sell them to their customers. They should know better! In Lebanese cuisine, grape leaves are picked when they […]

Rabbit cookie with passion fruit curd

These are petit beurre cookies, made because I love LU‘s cookies, now sold everywhere and I found a recipe for these simple butter cookies in Nick Malgieri’s latest book  Light Desserts. The passion fruit curd came about when I saw a jar of passion fruit puree at the market in the freezer section; these come […]