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Mint tea with arak

In 1988, the American Red Cross awarded the Lebanese Red Cross with a medal commending it for the best rescue effort internationally. Back then the war was still raging and casualties numbered in the thousands. Volunteers from the Lebanese Red Cross displayed heroic courage in their rescue efforts.

A few years later, when the […]

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Baklava in ten minutes

For those of you still scrambling to come up with a speedy dessert for a New Year’s eve party I have uploaded a video version of my ten-minute baklava post.

For the recipe, click here.

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There is a Filipino sub-culture in Lebanon due to the large number of people who move there with employment contracts from the Philippines. Thanks to Jessica, a Filipino lady I befriended who lived in the country for fifteen years before going back home to marry, I discovered this wonderful dish, called pancit.

It is a […]

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Barazek tuiles with sahlab


Last Christmas season I was in Istanbul for a short visit and while my daughter wanted to visit the beautiful monuments all around us, I only wanted one thing: to get some sahlab AKA salep or sahlep. The monuments could wait.

Sahlab AKA salep or sahlep or sahleb is a powder that is mixed with […]

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Last-minute holiday ideas


The seven-hour lamb, for the recipe click here.

Lebanese couscous with lamb shanks and pearl onions, for the recipe click here

Spiced fish, for the recipe click here.

Swiss chard cake, for the recipe click here

Tangerine sorbet, for the recipe click here.

Apricots filled with clotted cream, for the recipe click here.

Shredded phyllo dough with pistachio, for the […]

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Pizza with red pepper paste and mozzarella


Anybody who adores carbs, and that includes pizzas, breads, rolls, croissants and the like, comes to the conclusion that gobbling up pizzas from the neighborhood pizza parlor is a bad habit that needs to be tossed out.

OK. So what about making a pizza at home, from scratch?

In under 30 minutes? with much […]

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A few ideas for the holidays

A few idea for the holidays that can be prepared ahead of time and kept stored in the freezer (except for the candies which will keep several weeks).

Spinach turnovers, for the recipe click here.

Olive roll, for the recipe click here.

Cheese and greens cigars, for the recipe click here.

Cheese puffs with halloumi and zaatar, for […]

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Mussakhan (Palestinian chicken wrap with onions and sumac)


This dish is inspired by the classic Palestinian dish called mussakhan (pronounce moo-ssa-khann), which is Arabic for “heated up”.

A thin bread encases chicken and rings of caramelized onions fragrant with sumac.

I like to use a Lebanese flatbread called markook for this dish, although a large pita (or several small ones) will do just fine […]

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Rice paste with rosewater and ashta(shmayseh)


Most Lebanese people do not bother with making intricate Arabic-style pastries at home. I mean,  would you compete with someone who has been doing it 250 years?

I was spurred to try my hand at this by a reader from Athens; the gentleman in question must visit Beirut frequently since he mentioned getting […]

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Lentil and green wheat porridge(mujaddara)


As a young mother, I had a mission: my kids were going to like Lebanese food. No room in my pantry for hamburger helpers and the like.

Here is how I introduced mujaddara, our Lebanese lentil and rice porridge.

” Chocolate pudding kids!”

(It worked); they loved it.  My son  learned to make it  when […]

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