Monthly Archives: February 2011

Crumble with potatoes, bacon and squash

One thing I admire about French (and American) chefs: They have no qualms taking specialties from around the world and modifying them with the utmost confidence; now I don’t know who came up with the idea of a savory crumble but I see it on French cooking sites a lot. This is inspired by one […]

Bazin (Libya)

Feeling compassion and a heavy heart for folks who have to endure a tragic and nightmarish situation  in Libya, I escaped  into the kitchen and made a very ancient and traditional Libyan dish, bazin. Libya is an extraordinary country with a wide coastline of beautiful beaches and a rich history replete with Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Ottomans […]

Salmon ceviche

My beautiful cousin Isabelle had invited me to one of her parties and being the hostess with the mostest, it was as usual a glorious spread of platters holding the most tantalizing foods, Lebanese, Italian, French, even sushi.  However, I kept filling my plate with just one dish: A salmon ceviche. Even though salmon is […]

Choco-tahini rice bars

What happens when hunger pangs start manifesting themselves and it is 4 PM? I propose grabbing (just) one of these and having a cup of (decaf) coffee. Made of dark chocolate (good for you), tahini (great for you), peanut butter (great for you) and puffed rice (protein). If you like the taste of halva, make […]

Dukkah sticks

These days I am obsessively reading  Al-Jazeera and thinking more than ever about all these tragic yet exhilarating events unfolding in the Middle East. According to my Egyptian friend Phoebe, dukkah was originally  a poor man’s snack, widespread in the Coptic community. People did not have much (still the case) and would eat bread on […]