Monthly Archives: April 2011

Brigadeiro (Brazilian candy)

There are so many Lebanese folks who have immigrated to Brazil throughout the ages that I am willing to bet every single family in Lebanon has at least one (close or distant) relative in Brazil.  (I do). I find remarkable too that there are more Lebanese in Brazil (and the rest of Latin America) than […]

Asparagus and calabasa cream soup

This soup can be consumed as a savory and cold panna cotta or a warm traditional soup. It has the elusive but delicious flavors of asparagus and (in the background) calabasa squash, and not much else. INGREDIENTS: 1 bunch of green asparagus (500 g. or 1 pound) 3 small calabasa squash 2 cups of whipping […]

Matlouh with olives(Moroccan semolina bread)

Mary, my next-door neighbor, dropped in with a panicked look on her face: Apparently all the best bakeries in Dallas had run out of scones, and what was she to do regarding her party at 6 AM in the morning (to watch the royals get married); a quick jaunt to and a little while […]

Muhammara with chips

Muhammara is one of the main condiments in the  Lebanese culinary repertoire;  served as a mezze item (to dip into) and as a side sauce with kebabs, it can be used in dozens of  dishes. Simple to make, with the assertive and warm flavor of red peppers made a tad fruity by the addition of […]

Artichoke bottoms with pasta and shrimp

This dish (concocted at the spur of the moment) reminded me of a conversation I had with a foodie friend in Beirut; we were discussing artichokes and that exquisite Lebanese dish of stuffed artichoke bottoms with minced lamb and yogurt; I mentioned I used frozen bottoms imported from Egypt. His reaction was: “What? You are […]