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Carrot burger



This dish is inspired by an idea from a French-Armenian chef I admire, Sonia Ezgulian. She made the carrot burger and in the middle, shaped a patty with a cooked chicken breast mixed with fromage blanc; I made patties with kafta instead and served it with extra lemon (on the carrots) and dilled labneh […]

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Cream of wheat biscottis


Don’t they say necessity is the mother of invention?

These biscottis were devised after I realized that it was a good idea for me to consume fortified cream of wheat on a regular basis, due to its iron-rich component.

However, the thought of starting the day with a soupy porridge was not all that attractive.

A biscotti […]

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Pasta salad


Heat is on, every day, unrelenting; I had been watering that basil bush hoping it would not succumb to the 100F plus temperatures; luckily it doubled in size in a few weeks and here is the result.

A pasta salad coated with fresh basil pesto and garnished with a handful of green beans and some […]

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Halibut in kadaifi


Kadaifi dough, that crispy crunchy angel-hair dough, is traditionally used in Lebanon for pastries; however, these days it is common for chefs across the globe to use it as a crunchy and original wrap in savory foods; I have seen French chefs wrap cheese with it, fish sticks or shrimps.

Grap a handful from a […]

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Beoreg with sujuk and cheese


Chef Ramzi in his The Culinary Heritage of Lebanon observes that Lebanon has no tradition of curing meat; meat curing was introduced to us by the Armenians who settled in the country and brought their traditions with them. Sujuk is one example and while the best sujuk can be found in certain Armenian outlets, […]

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Carrot soup with labneh


A soup that can be made with minimum fuss yet delivers big flavor; if you happen to have some labneh, great, otherwise drain some yogurt that morning. I used a bit of the stash of cilantro pesto from my freezer to speed things up.

INGREDIENTS: 6 servings

1 pound of carrots
1 large onion
1 chicken bouillon cube […]

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Red lentil fritters


The challenge with these fritters is to infuse them with flavor as they tend to be bland on their own; so go ahead and add all the spices that your little heart desires and you will be rewarded with a delicious appetizer. Squeeze some citrus juice on the fritters before inhaling them, it will […]

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Mini-kadaifi cakes


If you walk into a pastry shop in Beirut (specializing in Arabic sweets), a good third of all pastries will be made with this dough, called kataifi or shredded phyllo dough. I saw  once  how this dough is made: A batter is piped through hundreds of minuscule little holes onto a hot griddle which […]

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Sfeeha on pita

There is no question sfeeha is a masterpiece in the Lebanese kitchen.

What happens though when one does not have the time, energy or inclination  to make the dough, let it rise, roll it out,  pinch it gently into these adorable mini-meat pies, let them rest, bake, then serve  to a famished audience?

Enter sfeeha on […]

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The best meal for an upset stomach


This is what we were served when we’d complain of an upset stomach growing up in Beirut.

Some rice and some plain yogurt.

I have used this remedy my whole life and don’t plan on modifying it. (It works).

What about you? Care to share what you do?

P.S: Guess how many hospitals in the US offer plain […]

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