Monthly Archives: August 2011

Corn and rice salad in corn husk

Obviously, this salad can be presented in a bowl; in Texas, corn husks are sold everywhere (for folks to make tamales with) and I wanted to use them for fun. You could easily use the fresh husks from the corn after pulling it out. INGREDIENTS: 1 cup of rice 2 cups of water or broth […]

Egyptian bread pudding (Oum Ali)

  On the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr, this is a popular and delicious Egyptian pastry called Oum Ali. Oum is the word for mother in Arabic. It is a Middle-Eastern bread pudding, made with phyllo dough or rakakat pastry sheets. The neighborhood Middle-Eastern store had a few boxes of ROKAK, these pastry sheets imported from […]

Meat pies, Damascus-style

Meat pies are a must in all of the Levant, however, each region or community prepares them a bit differently; my grandmother used to add drained yogurt (labneh) to hers; these have pomegranate molasses which gives the pies a bit of a fruity flavor. The dough is made with yogurt and is easy to work […]

Potato hummus with lamb

This should conclude my hummus week (unless I feel the urge to make yet another hummus mañana); this is a classic potato with tarator (tahini) sauce, except I used (organic) sweet potatoes. The lamb chops are marinated briefly in lemon juice, olive oil, garlic paste, Aleppo pepper and  wild zaatar or thyme. INGREDIENTS: Per potato […]

Tuna hummus

This tuna hummus is made in minutes in the food processor; just add some tarator sauce (tahini, lemon, water and garlic) to the tuna, some pimento or Aleppo pepper, some herbs and maybe capers if you like them. INGREDIENTS: 10 servings 2 (5-ounce) cans of tuna in water Juice of 2 large lemons 4 to […]