Monthly Archives: September 2011

Eggplant gianduja

  A recipe from Eric Bernardin the cerebral and creative blogger (and Bordeaux wine expert). He got it from another site that got it from chef Bruno Verjus.Well, I was not about to let this pass untested; after all, they are fiddling with the eggplant, the most revered  of our Levantine vegetable! It is simply […]

Squash kibbeh balls

This is an idea I had tried on red lentils a while back: Make patties or balls of red lentils and bulgur similar to a falafel and stuff them with cheese; then I saw that Beth had done a similar job with some pumpkin kibbeh (she stuffed them with a feta mixture);  these kibbeh are […]

Olive oil

  There are so many olive oils out there; how does one tell if one is good versus another? According to Kadri Kassir, owner of La Maison de l’Olive in Paris, France and himself from a family of olive growers in the region of San Simeon (Syria),  there are simple ways to tell. Pour a […]

Banana Muffins

I am prefectly aware that the world does not need another banana muffin recipe; notwithstanding, I am sharing this one because it originally was published in one of Maida Heatter’s cookbooks and after trying it once, I stuck with it for the following twenty years. Why? Because it was moist, had little sugar and lots […]

Open ravioli with tuna and clam sauce

Chef Mathieu Rostaing Tayard presented a dish titled Opened ravioli (with fava beans and rabbit)Raviole ouverte aux herbes, effilochée de lapin, fèves et crevettes grises and I just loved the concept of an open ravioli. Just keep the stuffing out, or incorporated into the sauce, and voilà! This pasta is doable with stuff  from your […]