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Eggplant gianduja



A recipe from Eric Bernardin the cerebral and creative blogger (and Bordeaux wine expert). He got it from another site that got it from chef Bruno Verjus.Well, I was not about to let this pass untested; after all, they are fiddling with the eggplant, the most revered  of our Levantine vegetable!

It is simply roasted […]

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Squash kibbeh balls


This is an idea I had tried on red lentils a while back: Make patties or balls of red lentils and bulgur similar to a falafel and stuff them with cheese; then I saw that Beth had done a similar job with some pumpkin kibbeh (she stuffed them with a feta mixture);  these kibbeh […]

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Olive oil



There are so many olive oils out there; how does one tell if one is good versus another?

According to Kadri Kassir, owner of La Maison de l’Olive in Paris, France and himself from a family of olive growers in the region of San Simeon (Syria),  there are simple ways to tell.

Pour […]

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Banana Muffins


I am prefectly aware that the world does not need another banana muffin recipe; notwithstanding, I am sharing this one because it originally was published in one of Maida Heatter’s cookbooks and after trying it once, I stuck with it for the following twenty years.

Why? Because it was moist, had little sugar and lots […]

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Open ravioli with tuna and clam sauce


Chef Mathieu Rostaing Tayard presented a dish titled Opened ravioli (with fava beans and rabbit)Raviole ouverte aux herbes, effilochée de lapin, fèves et crevettes grises and I just loved the concept of an open ravioli. Just keep the stuffing out, or incorporated into the sauce, and voilà!

This pasta is doable with stuff  from your […]

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Jujube, a super fruit


I ate my fill of jujube (ennabe) last summer in Beirut; this time, I found some big ones (less flavorful though) at the Asian supermarket for a song (USD$1.29/pound).

Did you know this fruit was used in Chinese medicine for 4000 years?

That it helps with sore throats, liver problems, inhibits certain cancer cells,  is […]

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Chocolate mousse


Would you be touched and thrilled if someone remembered a dessert you made twenty years earlier and would tell you that they had never tasted one as good?

I was when my friend Virginie asked me for my chocolate mousse recipe.

Trouble is, I had not made a chocolate mousse since then (twenty years ago).


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Lebanese meatballs (Dawood Basha)


Lebanon (and the rest of the Levant) was under Ottoman rule until the end of WWI and back then high-ranking officers were called basha; hence the name of this dish, after an Armenian governor or pasha (basha is the Arabic pronounciation since p as a sound does not exist in Arabic) who was appointed […]

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Zaatar croissant


Zaatar croissants are offered in every pastry shop in Beirut. Once you have tried one, the plain croissants taste just, well, too plain. There is something irresistible about the slightly pungent, aromatic and nutty zaatar.

The croissant idea was a challenge from Stevie, and Heavenly Housewive.

The challenge  was compounded by the fact that temperatures […]

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  • Lebanese-traditional-crêpes

Crêpes with halva sauce (Lezza’qiyate)


These crêpes are from  an ancient recipe  still being made in rural areas in Lebanon, according to Chef Ramzi’s Culinary Heritage of Lebanon (in Rashaya, Rmeish, Akkar and West Bekaa).

I have adapted the recipe due to the fact that Chef Ramzi’s recipes are usually for a huge quantity and very succinct; he collected recipes […]

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