Monthly Archives: February 2012

Pasta shells in pumpkin sauce

This is probably the easiest pasta to prepare and frankly one of the tastiest. Simply cook some pumpkin, mash it and combine it with the pasta. Sprinkle cheese, some toasted nuts and dinner is ready! INGREDIENTS: 6 oz. of shell or tube pasta  1 pound of cut-up and peeled pumpkin 6 oz. of cheese (could […]

Lebanese cucumbers (Khyar)

These cucumbers are very crunchy and have almost no seeds; they have been available this entire winter as well as during the summer.  Serving cucumbers  as a snack is common here along with roasted pistachios.  [Translate]

Cauliflower salad (Arnabeet w tarator)

This is the perfect salad if you are stuck with a cauliflower and not sure what to do with it.  It only takes minutes to prepare. It tastes fantastic and you will forget you are eating cauliflower.   The cauliflower is just boiled or steamed till tender, cut up and covered with the sauce.  The sauce […]

Lebanese couscous (Moghrabieh)

This is the Lebanese equivalent of couscous, aptly called moghrabieh.    Moghrabieh, (meaning ” a dish from the Maghreb”) is a much-beloved traditional dish in Lebanon and is considered a feasting type of meal to which many relatives or friends are  invited. It used to be made with both lamb shanks and chicken but nowadays […]

Tartlet with tangerine curd

Greengrocers in Beirut are flooded with clementines these days. One can also find Seville oranges called bousfeir, which are bitter oranges used for orange blossom water and candied orange rind and jams. This tart is a simple sweet crust with a clementine curd. The curd can be made on its own and keeps for a […]