Monthly Archives: March 2012

Sticky rice balls

There is a substantial workforce  of Filipinos in Lebanon; due to their presence, stores have popped up with a selection of Filipino products. I love the Filipino ladies that I have encountered in Lebanon and learned a bit  about their culture as well.  These rice balls are a twist on a traditional Filipino dessert, palitaw, consisting […]

Eggplant with yogurt sauce (Fattet al-Makdoos)

In what city in the world can you get this meal delivered to your door? That is what happened today when I called my caterer/friend/neighbor, Rima @RimRam Gourmet and asked her to help me out.  Rima, whose is a true Beiruti, specializes in many traditional dishes and cooks herself once a month at Tawlet, Kamal […]

Muhammara kebabs

There is a local restaurant here in Beirut called Kebab-ji with several outlets throughout the city; their kebabs are neatly shaped by their expert kebab-makers and come in several varieties. The photo below is of a kebab-maker from Kebab-ji shaping the kebabs for a catered party. The kebabs today are not the traditional Lebanese ones […]

Retro cake

  I guess everyone has their own personal notion of what a retro cake is. A retro cake, to me, is the one my mother used to serve when she had her girlfriends over for the purpose of playing bridge or gossiping. Personally, out of the two activities I find gossiping to be  a lot […]

Green tea and broccoli soup

My mother subscribes to a French magazine, Femme Actuelle, which is always full of recipes. This is where I plucked the idea of making a broccoli soup with some green tea. Why not? Just substitute the chicken broth for the steeped green tea (minus the leaves) and that’s it! INGREDIENTS: 6 servings 1 1/2 pounds […]