Monthly Archives: April 2012

Armenian tahini galette (Tahinov hatz)

This Armenian specialty is a crispy, flaky, sweet bread that is slathered with tahini and doused in sugar prior to baking. You can make it at home like I did or buy it fresh in the Armenian district (Bourj Hamoud) in Beirut. Click here for the recipe. Bourj Hamoud is the place to explore if […]

Fish in papillote

Even a die-hard cooking aficionado needs a respite; that’s why this technique of cooking fish is so great; first of all, it won’t smell up the kitchen, it takes just minutes to put together, and the results are always superlative. A perfect way to end the workweek.  All you need is a good fish fillet […]

Olives stuffed with cheese

Or how to eat olives and cheese in one bite! Pick a strong goat cheese to offset the pungent taste of the olives; get some pitted olives and a decorating bag with a tiny tube and you can get this fancy appetizer ready in no time! Photo taken from my aunt’s balcony in Adma, Lebanon. […]

Soapwort meringue (Natef)

Congratulations to those of you who knew what these roots were! Called shilsh al-halawa or soapwort or Bois de Panama roots , these are used to make natef. Natef is a type of meringue, similar in texture to marshmallow fluff, that is served alongside a semolina and pistachio pastry called karabij.  These roots are also […]

Mysterious ingredient in the Lebanese pastry kitchen

Anybody care to guess what this is? And what it is used for? [Translate]