Monthly Archives: May 2012

Zucchini and pita hash (Treedeh)

Zucchini (called koossa) is such a beloved vegetable in these parts that it has given rise to many dishes, some elaborate, some simple and rustic like this treedeh. In this treedeh, the pulp of the zucchini alone is used (after coring them for stuffing purposes). I say use the entire zucchini if you don’t feel […]

Pasta with yogurt sauce

  A classic of Lebanese home cooking, this sauce can be prepared with or without meat; it is ideal for warm days because the yogurt sauce is not cooked;  it is a perfect meal for any day of the week when cooking elaborate meals is the last thing on the agenda. INGREDIENTS: 6 servings 8 […]

Zaatar kaak

What goes by kaak is usually either a dry bread or roll or a biscuit, more often than not covered with sesame seeds. This kaak includes some zaatar in the batter and is savory and can be made in a jiffy in a mixer or processor. Perfect for something to nibble on with a drink […]

Lentil and bulgur pilaf (Mujaddra janoubieh)

This lentil pilaf is called southern mujaddara since it is how folks in southern areas of the country eat it. The bulgur should be dark if possible and when cooked with the lentils becomes soft and silky and just scrumptious.  Serve it warm or at room temperature with fresh veggies (radishes are a must) and […]

Tumbleweed stew (Yakhnet akkoub)

This delicious stew is one of the traditional dishes made with this wild vegetable; my grandmother used to prepare it this way and so do lots of folks here. Just sauté the akkoub (tumbleweed)  in some olive oil with plenty of chopped onions and garlic, cook the stew meat separately, then mix the two and finish […]