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  • apricot-halloum-bites

Apricot halloum bites

My brother, who for many years called Paris (France) home, asked me the following (very French) question last summer: Do you know how to pair Lebanese cheeses with fruits? I had to admit the idea never crossed my mind. So in the course of the year, I started thinking about what would go with […]

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  • sumac-lemonade

Sumac lemonade

The mysterious plant was indeed sumac, a Godsend for our forefathers and mothers who needed a lemony taste in their dishes but could not access lemons (either due to seasonal lack of availability or because they did not live in the coastal areas where citrus is grown). Sumac is dried and ground into a […]

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  • mysterious-plant

Mysterious plant (edible)

Do you know or care to guess what this is? Hint: It has been mentioned a lot lately in food magazines; trendy, you could say.

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Jasmine and Fire by Salma Abdelnour (Giveaway)

This book is an account of American/Lebanese writer Salma Abdelnour’s stay in Beirut  after a life spent in the US. This is a book that hundreds of thousands of Lebanese expats throughout the world could easily relate to. Salma Abdelnour is a gifted writer; she manages to write a 300 page book in which […]

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  • mini-pears

Baby pears (Meskaweh)


Got these adorable mini-pears at the greengrocer the other day; he said “these are ladies earrings,see?” and he held them to his ear. 

I asked how they should be consumed and he said “just like that, raw in your mouth!”; he exclaimed excitedly “these will bring you barakeh (good luck)!” and a lady who was […]

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  • green-bean-kuku

Persian green bean omelet (Kuku)


Every culture has its omelette and I was always charmed by the Persian kuku; first of all, it has a fun-sounding name; secondly,  it is very elegant, light, (no cheese or crust in it) and versatile; finally, it is  the perfect party dish, since it can be served at room temperature and  prepared ahead.

This […]

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  • Garlic-shoots-hash

Garlic scapes and egg


Fresh garlic is not a common sight, even in Lebanon where so much of the garlic available in stores is imported from China. These came from Ibrahim’s cart (see previous post) and were so fresh, we used the stems to make a delicious hash with eggs. It may not look like much but the […]

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  • Ibrahims-facade

Ibrahim’s shop


Lots of Lebanese (like myself) remember the days when most of the daily’s veggies and fruits were bought from a cart vendor passing by; my grandmother would lower her basket, get the merchandise (basket was reeled to the fourth floor), inspect it, then negotiate a price with the merchant below. 

It seems that these street […]

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This guacamole is my son Nick’s recipe; after a lifetime spent eating Burger King’s burgers (to my great despair) he is now, at 22, a born-again vegan; could not be happier about the news, actually.

This guacamole is Lebanese-inspired because instead of the usual cilantro, he used purslane (aka bakleh) a much beloved herb here. […]

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  • rosto



This dish used to be my aunt’s specialty;  the key is the quality of the meat (called habra in Lebanon), it needs to be completely fat-free and without any sinews or nerves. You can use lamb (from the leg), beef (loin) or turkey or even chicken. The meat is ground and spiced and enclosed […]

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