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Kibbeh tartare (Kibbeh nayyeh)


I was invited to a (fancy, classy) wedding  and lo and behold I see this lady sitting in the buffet line, making kibbeh the traditional way, in the jurn. That is what this huge stone mortar is called. She was pounding away to produce the silky smooth kibbeh that is eaten raw with fresh […]

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Peach cupcake



Carole, at Alter Gusto,  is one of my favorite French bloggers (she edits her blog straight from Marseille); she  made a classic loaf cake with apricots, olive oil and orange blossom water. I simply substituted peaches.

We are blessed with a glut of peaches this Summer.

 You will not detect the taste of the olive oil […]

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Hibiscus snack (Karkadeh)


I love the idea of snacking on flowers, don’t you? Especially when these flowers are supposed to be so beneficial to one’s blood pressure and all kinds of other conditions.


I found these in a Beirut supermarket sold in bulk. They are chewy, sweet and sour. Perfect to snack on anytime, especially in a car […]

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Pasta with shrimp and avocado sauce


Summer is a perfect season for relaxed, no-fuss, cooking; this salad was prepared at the last minute with ingredients in my pantry and freezer; shrimp, whole-wheat boxed pasta, broccoli, avocados, and a medley of basic spices. Hearty but not heavy. Served with an avocado sauce just because I had some avocado laying around, and […]

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  • aaa

Date cake with milk sauce


I love dates and I never tire of them; here in Beirut one finds in all the pastry shops (especially now during Ramadan) dates stuffed with all sorts of goodies and beautifully packaged for gift-giving. This cake is a great way to use leftover dates; you simply chop them up and cook them in […]

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Ultimate Lebanese burger


Everyone these days is at the beach or by a pool; I missed Fourth of July this year and so I was daydreaming about what the Ultimate Lebanese Burger would taste like. 

For one, it would have some m’tabbal aka baba ghannouj aka eggplant caviar in lieu of mayo and mustard. The patty would be some […]

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Red pepper hummus


This red pepper hummus came about when I had roasted a few peppers and did not know what to do with them. I was making a classic hummus, the chickpeas were getting puréed in the food processor and I just threw all my peppers in there, hoping that the resulting concoction would be edible. 

Well, […]

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Grape molasses and almond shortbread cookies

There is a village called Barouk in the Shouf mountains  in which I discovered homemade pastries made by the store owner’s mother and his sisters. These cookies, called lawzieh (from lawz, almond) are  a traditional almond shortbread cookie very popular in that region.


125 g. unsalted butter (4 oz.) at room temperature
1 large egg, room temperature
3 tbsp of grape […]

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Pink beans salad


Time for salads, especially when ready in minutes; this one was put together on the spur-of-the-moment before taking a dip in the pool (remember, wait one hour before swimming after a meal). 

Feta was shipped from Greece but the beans are local and very pretty when raw, streaked with pink; unfortunately their color turns to […]

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  • Maries-cakes

Citrus muffins


I am naming these Marie’s cakes after my little niece who helped me make them; she is six and is passionate about baking.; in fact, Marie is already planning the name of her future restaurant.

She was eager to help every step of the way and asked a question every five seconds:  ” Tante Joumana […]

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