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Eggplant and peppers salad


This salad is easy to prepare; I had a big eggplant (the last ones in the season) and needed to do something. If you have a gas grill you can use it to blacken the eggplant (just lay it over the heat diffuser), or throw the eggplant (skin and all) in your oven to […]

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  • Dates



The market stalls in Beirut are offering dates this time of year; all kinds of dates. Some are imported from the Gulf countries, some are local.

I love to start my day with a few dates in the morning. What about you?

To enjoy dates when fresh but still hard: wrap them in a plastic bag […]

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Halvah toffee (Tabtab al-janna)


If you are a fan of halvah, you will like this candy. While halvah is nearly impossible to make in a home kitchen, this is not. Only three ingredients required: Sugar, tahini and flour. Flavored with cardamom. 


1 1/2 cups of sugar
1/2 cup of all-purpose flour
1/2 cup of tahini +extra to grease the pan
1/2 tsp […]

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The healthiest fruit in the world



These are jujube fruits; they taste like apples and they are so full of nutrients and vitamins this title is well-deserved, (albeit emphatic). Available in fruit stalls here in Lebanon, they can also be found in the US and elsewhere in organic markets, Middle-Eastern stores, Chinese and other Asian markets, fresh or dried, and […]

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Eggplant stems stew


The stems are the most delicious part of the eggplant, yet  they get discarded; this stew does not!

Throw in the stems (after washing them) in the pot and let them cook alongside the veggies and meat (if using). You will be rewarded with tender, full of silky meat eggplant stems to suck on […]

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Lebanese garden


This is what you could be seeing if you took a (very quick) tour of a garden in a Lebanese mountain village this time of year. The photos were taken at sunset, people were hunting nearby (even though they are supposed to be at least 500 meters away), so this is  just a sample […]

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Desert rose (Rose des sables)



Growing up I was fascinated with a beautiful rock  that was on display on a glass shelf at home;  my mother had brought it  back from one of her trips; it had  fine pointed edges and it was called rose des sables (desert rose).

It looked  like a rose made of stiff sand.  I […]

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Buckwheat crêpe


I am spending a few days in the South of France  and the landscape around us is eerily similar to Lebanon’s. Everywhere you turn there are hills covered in greenery and then there is the seascape far away. One thing that surprised me is to find buckwheat crêpe offered in many cafés’ menus, even […]

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I am in Nice for a few days visiting my friend Anne-Marie and of course I had to have socca. Socca is this fluffy light savory thin pancake made with chickpea flour, water and olive oil and eaten as a street food in the old part of Nice or in the  harbor. 

Got you a […]

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