Monthly Archives: October 2012

Pumpkin stew (Tershek kunder)

Pumpkins are here!  An easy and delicious stew to put together from my friend Asma, who is of Kurdish origin (Mardin, Turkey). Grab some stew meat (lamb with bones if you like, or beef), onion, tomatoes, pumpkin and a handful of chickpeas. Douse with lemon juice. Serve with bread or rice or bulgur. INGREDIENTS: 4 […]

Chocolate molten puddings

  I was leafing through a Donna Hay magazine and saw: “Make & Freeze”, molten chocolate puddings. Now that’s a concept that really hits the spot! Do you ever find yourself wishing you could have something chocolat-y, and resorting to a mediocre candy bar as the only available option?  The idea is to make these […]

Hummus, Iraqi-style

A mere five years ago, you would have suggested I try a different spice or version of hummus and I would have certainly given you a very dirty look. Today,  any version that meets my taste buds is A-OK. (Heck, even Lebanese starred chefs are foregoing tradition and presenting hummus with different combos of flavors).  […]

Eggplant casserole (Fattet betenjan)

Hardly any dish in the Middle-East is more finger-licking or easier to prepare. Layer a food with fried pita croutons and a  yogurt sauce flavored with tahini and a touch of garlic; oh, and a sprinkling of butter-fried nuts to top it off. Above is a diet version of the eggplant fatteh which is poor […]

Rose marshmallows

You’d be making marshmallows often if you knew how easy they are to make; I found out this weekend, when I decided to make them as a distraction from the palpable tension in the city (and the country in general).  Funny thing is found out my blogger friend Nadji had posted an identical recipe (except […]