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  • tiella-di-spinaci1

Spinach and mozzarella pie (Tiella di spinaci)


I was not aware of the existence of tiellas until I struck up a Facebook  friendship with Nicola Tarallo, a native of Gaeta, Italy; apparently tiellas are a specialty of Gaeta, a picturesque fisherman’s town close to Naples. Nicola  himself has lived in the US here and there (including a stint in Dallas) and is […]

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  • broccoli-and-cheese-soup

Broccoli and cheese soup


It was exciting to see ambarees, that country-style goat cheese made in the Chouf mountains, at the village grocer. Broccoli is growing now and a nice change from cabbage and more cabbage every single week. This soup is popular and so easy to prepare. Purée it with this great invention, the immersion blender, to […]

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Myrtle berries (hemblass)


These berries are liked by a lot of folks here. The berries are munched on raw. 

Here is the link to find out what they are exactly (thanks Bassem!).

Now that the weather is finally cool and the air crisp and clean, hunting season has arrived; this is a predicament because in the Lebanese mountains folks are hunting for […]

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  • Flan-cake



This flan-cake is from  a best-selling cookbook here in Lebanon called Anahid’s gourmet cooking; this cake had made the rounds of the foodie circles  a few years back but  reading the recipe I was doubtful that it would work:  Pour the custard in the pan, then  pour the cake batter on top of the custard, […]

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  • chayote-on-plate

Chayote squash salad


Chayote squash in Dallas is always available in Latino markets; it is very light in taste and cooks in a few minutes; here in Lebanon it is grown and called French squash (koossa frenjeh) for some reason. People like to pickle it as it is nice and crunchy.

A good choice to reign-in holiday excesses, […]

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  • A-platter-of-cauliflower-flan-copy

Cauliflower flan


Thanksgiving caught me off guard this year, I guess geographical location has something to do with it (duh!); feeling a tinge of guilt I decided to partake with one of the recipes in my upcoming mini-Iraqi cookbook. 

This is real easy to make, provided you have either a charlotte pan or a round pan with […]

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  • quince-stew

Quince stew (Sfarjalieh ma3 ruz)



If you love fruity, sweet and sour flavors in your food, then this stew is right up your alley. Inspired by a famous stew from Aleppo, Syria but streamlined to the max. The stew combines the flavors of quince, red beets, pomegranate, with a touch of garlic and mint; these flavors are lilting, sweet […]

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  • Brazilian-grape-candy

Grape candy (Uvinha)



Brazil is the country with the largest number of Lebanese expats and immigrants, especially the county of Sao Paulo; one of my grandmother’s brothers, Georges,  left the family  to make a life  there  as a young man and my grandmother never saw her brother again. Today, his descendants were traced back and cousins are […]

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  • kibbet-al-batata

Potato bulgur pie (Kibbet al-batata)


There are many versions of potato kibbeh; some are strictly vegan, others contain a layer of meat, some are made into balls and stuffed with onions and nuts, etc. This one is made up of mashed potato mixed with bulgur and stuffed with a layer of ground meat and onions (with a sprinkling of […]

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  • plate-of-tagliatelle

Tuna sauce on pasta


This is a poor man’s pasta dish that delivers a refined taste that will have you begging for more. If you can, use spinach tagliatelle or the best egg pasta you can find; luckily here in Beirut boxed pasta comes straight from Italy and this one cooks in 2 minutes. That leaves you 20 […]

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