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Hummus Beirut

A great recipe from chef Marlene Matar’s latest book Maedat Marlene men Halab, a cookbook devoted to dishes from Aleppo (Syria); she calls this hummus Beiruti which means from Beirut, however she writes that the hummus is also called from Aleppo. I guess it straddles the two cities and that’s fine with us.  Perfect […]

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Cauliflower soup


My daughter has been sick for two solid weeks (flu, sore throat, constant coughing) spending her college Christmas break in bed; so when I saw Katie’s cauliflower soup, I was immediately inspired. Katie added turmeric to her soup which gave it a golden hue (very pretty) and some crunchy croutons. Mine is more austere, […]

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Saint Sarkis cake (vegan)


 We can all agree that food is a lot more fun and interesting when it comes along with a story. This cake was posted by my facebook friend Annie Vas with the story that it is to celebrate Saint Sarkis, a patron saint for the Armenian community in Lebanon; I was intrigued, especially after […]

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French fries, Aleppo-style



To say that Aleppo’s cuisine is famous in the Middle-East would be stating the obvious. In fact, one of Lebanon’s premier chef, Mrs.  Marlene Mattar, has recently published a cookbook devoted to the cuisine of this wonderful city, Maedat Marlene men Halab.

This recipe for French fries, Aleppo-style, is one of many I tried from […]

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Brown lentil casserole (Horrak esba3o)


Had a freelance foodstyling  gig yesterday (more on that later this week), so I needed some good homecooked food fast. Rima @RimRam gourmet lend me a hand  and we all enjoyed the best lentil dish known to mankind. 

Called in Arabic “he burnt his finger”, this dish is bursting with flavor. Everybody took second helpings […]

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Muhallabieh with candied lemon


I was reminded recently (after a glorious lunch at Kamal’s) how wonderful our homey muhallabieh can be. It is perfect in many ways; it takes less than 5 minutes to prepare, it does not require many ingredients (milk, sugar, starch or rice flour, flavoring), it is very versatile. I had just never tried it […]

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Chickpea soup (Lablabi)

It has been really cold in Lebanon the last few days and this soup which is sold by cart vendors in Bagdad (Iraq) is hearty and simple to prepare. My Iraqi friend Wafa’ gave me her recipe during her annual visit to  Lebanon  this past Summer. She said she loves it most with a […]

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Délices des Mille et Une Nuits (Kamal Mouzawak)


This is a unique cookbook. Designed around the story of The Thousand and One Nights, this book is a work of art created by Kamal Mouzawak, written by  Malek Chebel and illustrated by Anne-Lise Boutin. 

Kamal’s contribution to the book is a special collection of recipes. Each recipe conjures visions of the famed Bagdad court […]

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Zaatar with pine seeds


Someone asked me if I had tried zaatar with pine seeds. Pine seeds? I knew pine nuts; pine cones; that was about it! Turns out it was a special type of zaatar that was sold in the Barouk Forest Reserve. Had to get the story on this one. 

This is a type of zaatar sold […]

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Persian cheese ball

This is another Persian recipe from Najmieh Batmanglij that appealed to me; it contains lots of walnuts and herbs so it could easily be a light  lunch or stuffed in a flour tortilla for quesadillas. Hope y’all had good holidays, personally I am relieved that they have come and gone. 

Najmieh’s original recipe calls for […]

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