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Sawa for Development and Aid

I was invited to visit an NGO, SAWA for Development and Aid Operating in Lebanon, BarElias (Bekaa valley) by the refugee camps, it had been active since the very beginning of the Syrian war. I agreed right away, excited to get an insider’s look at their operation, but I was apprehensive. I figured I’d be rubbing elbows with folks who...
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It was on a bright June day that I set out to visit what I thought would be your typical olive press, i.e. a frantic, grubby place with noise and slime galore. The only hint that it may not have been the case was the intriguing and sophisticated name, Adon&Myrrh. Turned out quite the opposite of what I had expected;...
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Pomegranates & Saffron by Feride Buyuran

  I had been an avid reader of Feride Buyuran’s blog, the AZ cookbook; I learned she was getting ready to finally publish her own cookbook based on her native land’s cuisine, Azerbaijan, and was eager to lay my hands on it. I’ve had the cookbook in my possession for several months now, and I cannot let go of it...
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If you are ever in need of food, and good food, in Beirut, your search has ended. Head on over to the happening food emporium for the savvy foodies in town: Goodies. Conveniently located on the corner of the high-traffic Verdun road with a parking lot on its side manned by several attendants, Goodies makes shopping there a no-brainer. As...
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Fava bean and dill pilaf

One of my very favorite pilafs! Its ideal in the Spring too, because the fava beans are in season, and the wild dill can be found everywhere in the mountains and fields nearby. I am truly sorry if these mountains are not a practical option, and if you do not grow fav beans in your kitchen garden, you would then...
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