Basil hummus

February 22, 2018  •  ,

I was fortunate enough to be invited recently to dinner at the table of a celebrity chef in Lebanon (and the region),  Chef Richard. The dinner was to take place at Al Liwan, one of his restaurants in Beirut.

This is the perfect restaurant to take a crowd to, especially if they are Lebanese expats with lots of pent-up nostalgia for traditional Lebanese restaurants with that no-holds-barred ambiance; its a place for party animals, and even if you are not one by definition, its nice to loosen-up once in a while. Here, being boisterous, merry and hyper is encouraged. There is live entertainment as well.

The restaurant  is  appointed with antiques,  miniature porcelain items  and an  over-the-top elevator upholstered in satin.

The menu is classic Lebanese, with lots of mezze, grilled meats and desserts. The food is delivered banquet-style, as this is obviously a kitchen for a crowd, not for intimate dining. A couple of unusual items  got my attention. A green-colored hummus, which Chef Richard said was “basil-flavored hummus” and a halloumi  plate smothered in a cheesy sauce topped with nigella seeds, both his signature. I decided to try and replicate them at home. Here is the basil hummus first.


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