Ka’ak (cookie)

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter 2016. Hope we can all experience a more peaceful and joyful rest of the year and hope those who are suffering experience some relief. NOTE: I am currently taking some time off from blogging in order to focus on some pressing matters. I promise I will get back diligently to my favorite...
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carrot pumpkin soup

Carrot squash soup

I came back to Beirut loaded with a half-dozen squashes from the garden and started offering them away. I was surprised to be met by polite refusals. One man asked me “well, how do you prepare this?” Another looked at it looking puzzled and said “No, thank you, we have plenty of food at home”. I was thinking, this is...
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semolina pudding

Semolina pudding

Are you the type who takes on more projects than you can handle? I was reminded of this unfortunate trait while cleaning-out my kitchen cupboard this week. Oh, right, this bag of …(plug in something), that’s when I was going to make … This pudding was the answer to some leftover semolina flour. Normally, semolina flour is used to make...
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pomegranate soup

Pomegranate soup (Ashe-e-anar)

I have had my eye on this soup for a long time, maybe years; it is the surplus of sweet (really sweet) and juicy pomegranates all over the city that was my final impetus to action. What a discovery! This soup is probably off the charts as far as healthy ingredients, from legumes, to rice, to herbs, to pomegranate juice,...
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meringue mushrooms

Meringue mushrooms

The single most challenging (infuriating) aspect of life in Lebanon is the internet connectivity. I was unable to post on Christmas day because, well, the internet was down. Here are some of the reasons I have heard in the last two months, when calling the “technical support” office of the provider. “The Russians are pulling all of the internet” (What...
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leb flag

Independence Day

Today was Lebanon’s Independence Day and to avoid any more tragedies or tempt any terrorist-related attacks, the official celebrations were cancelled. I met a cousin for coffee in the AM downtown and then went on a street fair in a trendy location; a few blocks had been converted to a pedestrian zone and instead of a bumper to bumper traffic...
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