Biscotti (chocolate and orange)

    TO CHASE THE BLUES AWAY! These days I feel like retiring to a deserted island somewhere, never ever watching the news and just listening to the sound of the waves nearby. So I head to the kitchen instead  and bake a batch of biscotti! ( easy fix for big and insoluble problems ). I have been baking biscotti...
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Labneh (yogurt cheese)

We were told that Marcel Proust loved his madeleines, because when he would bite into one a flood of childhood memories would overtake him and he would experience bliss… I am willing to bet that for a large majority of Lebanese expats the feeling is similar when a plate of labneh is presented to them.

Garlic paste

This is one of the essential items in Lebanese food. You can make it every couple of weeks and store it in the fridge. Garlic paste or toom is used in a myriad ways: Slather it on pita bread when making sandwiches or falafel or sheesh tawuk Use it as an ingredient for making hummus or baba ghanuj or mtabbal...
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Lentil and Swiss Chard soup with lemon (Adass bel-hamud)

This is my all-time favorite soup! It is rustic, comforting, with the wonderful taste of lemon in the broth and it can be prepared in a snap! It is made up of ingredients which constitute an absolute powerhouse of nutrients! Lentils are rich in fiber, iron and magnesium ( good for the heart and to stabilize blood sugar). Swiss chard...
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Stuffed Cabbage Leaves (Mehche Malfoof)

An exquisite dish! the cabbage leaves meltingly tender and the meat and rice stuffing give a comforting feeling all permeated by the faint taste of lemon, garlic and mint. It can be partially cooked and frozen which makes it ideal for a party. This is Lebanese cuisine at its finest, humble yet refined… INGREDIENTS: 1 large cabbage (weight about 3...
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Kibbeh meat pie

Or what is commonly called kibbeh b’sanyyeh. I love the food processor! that way, instead of spending literally hours pounding and pounding in a corner of the kitchen like a slave I can get a kibbeh done in about 15 minutes if I plan ahead and have the stuffing ready. It is yet an undiscovered treasure of Lebanese cuisine in...
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