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Crowns in kadaifi with nuts (Tajate)

This is one of those pastries that once you bite into (for a small little bite of course),  you find yourself eating the entire thing and swooning all the way. It is extra crunchy, yet light, and sweet but not too much, and nutty; in short, heavenly. They are called tajate (crowns) These are not […]

Walnut burma (Burma bel-jowz)

Wishing a Happy Holiday to each and everyone celebrating today from the Armenian orthodox community worldwide. I spent a couple of hours yesterday roaming the Armenian neighborhood of Burj Hammoud and brought back boxes of pastries and sweets. These pictured above are offered with pistachio or walnut filling.  The following recipe is from Anahid’s Helwayate […]

Incense-flavored food

Food has been flavored with incense in Lebanon, in communities across the board; usually, pastries, such as maamoul or pudding such as khabeessa ( a walnut studded jelly made with grape molasses or plain sugar); a popular drink too, jellab, based on date and raisin molasses is incense-flavored.  In any case, flavoring food with incense […]

Rice and tahini pudding (Mufattaka)

Mufattaka is a glorious rice pudding only familiar to folks who have lived in the oldest traditional Beirut neighborhood called  Ras Beirut (Ras is the tip of Beirut or West Beirut, the oldest part of the city).  Hind had been living in this area for over fifty years, in the same home; she told me […]

Pistachio-semolina rolls with natef

This is a famous Arabic pastry called karabeej from Aleppo; sampled it at a wedding, reinterpreted in a mini-version by one of the country’s famed caterer; the shell  of that pastry is made with semolina and butter (clarified) and the filling is pistachios with a bit of sugar syrup; the cream that it is always […]