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Turnovers with red pepper dip (Fatayer mhammara)

 A well-known kebab restaurant chain dropped-off at the door of every building in our neighborhood a new menu titled “Holy Season Fasting Menu”; it featured only vegetarian dishes suitable to those following Lent. In the savory pastries section, turnovers (fatayer) were listed stuffed with muhammara or red pepper/walnut dip. I cheated a bit and stuffed half […]

Zaatar bites (Krass zaatar)

I have become quite fond of this Bedouin lady, Nujud, who roams the streets of Beirut with her knapsack hawking her wild herbs; I can hear her from four stories up “khobbeyzeh w zaatar!” she repeats in her direct and farm-like intonation. I hurry down and get some fresh, wild, zaatar; it is growing aplenty […]

Sweet roll (Kaak alleeta)

This sweet bread called alleeta is one of these old-fashioned treats that are resurfacing in some Beirut bakeries; my aunt recalls how there was always a street cart vendor selling them to kids after school. I did not have a recipe initially, but luckily found it on Facebook through Bass Semaan‘s wall.  INGREDIENTS: makes a dozen, […]

Zaatar flatbread with Jreesh

Jreesh is cracked wheat. Let’s not confuse cracked wheat and bulgur; bulgur is parboiled and cracked wheat is just cracked. Both are wheat. They look similar.  A popular ingredient in baking and cooking  in the South of the country. In Beirut, some bakeries specialize in this type of  man’ooshe or flatbread, called jreesh.  Jreesh can […]

Flatbread with bulgur (Meshtah)

  Is is only recently that I have realized how remarkably diverse Lebanese food truly is.  Take this bread. Never had it until this past year; it is a Southern bread and gets distributed in Beirut during the Holy Month of Ramadan in all the stores. One friend in the neighborhood took me to his neighbor; […]