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Dishes that are eaten for breakfast or brunch

Pasta fritters

This is an easy (and yummy) way to get rid of leftovers and turn them into a “new dish”. Grab some spaghetti or angel hair pasta lurching in the bottom of a bowl, all your veggies in the bin, a few eggs, and make fritters! INGREDIENTS:  1 cup of cooked pasta such as angel hair, […]

Eggs in meat sauce (Makhlama)

This is a delicious Iraqi dish I sampled last Summer when visiting Iraqi friends. It is perfect for brunch and easy to prepare.  INGREDIENTS: 4 TO 6 Servings 2 tablespoons oil 1 large onion, chopped 1/2 pound ground meat salt and pepper, to taste 3 tomatoes, peeled and diced or 1 14-oz can (optional) 1 […]

Cream of wheat pudding (Ma’mouniyeh)

Here is a traditional (and ancient) Middle-Eastern pudding that can be prepared very easily with ingredients from any mainstream supermarket. It is named after the ninth century Caliph Ma’moun (revered by some and loathed by others). It is so simple to make, yet it is a celebratory dessert. It is also prepared for a special breakfast […]

Chard stalks omelet (Ejjet dulu3 el-selek)

Swiss chard (or any greens for that matter) are always sourced locally; I buy mine from Ibrahim, who set up his street cart inside the courtyard of a half-demolished house. In Lebanese kitchens, Swiss chard is split in half between the leaves and the stalks. The leaves are stuffed just like grape leaves or shredded […]

Mashed potato fritters

In chef Marlene Mattar’s latest cookbook Maedat Marlene men Halab, she mentions that these Aleppian potato fritters were traditionally made  in a dish such as the one pictured above; lucky lady who got to spend time in Aleppo before the tragic mayhem; since Aleppo has the well-deserved reputation for exquisite gastronomy, I was dying to try […]