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Kibbeh in yogurt (Labniyeh)

 This is one of the best (if not the best) kibbeh dishes; we grew up with it, with my grandmother patiently coring the hollow kibbeh balls and stirring the yogurt till thickened. The final kick of flavor was when the cilantro and garlic fried in oil was added to the sauce. In Lebanon, the hollow […]

Zucchini and cracked wheat pilaf (Jreesh el-koossa)

Here is a very simple and rustic dish from Syria’s Kurdish community; it is just zucchini and onions, fried a bit in olive oil and cooked with some cracked wheat (jreesh). The cracked wheat can be replaced by any whole-grain in your pantry, with bulgur being the best substitute (pick a coarse bulgur if possible). The […]

Bulgur pilaf (Burghol mufalfal ma’al joz)

This bulgur pilaf is a Turkish recipe from Sima Othman Yassine’s Al tabekh al-terkey. It is light, easy, versatile;  this version caught my eye because I had all of the required ingredients waiting to be used: Walnuts, green pepper, raisins and (white) coarse bulgur.  One important point to note is bulgur has more protein and more […]

Bulgur-stuffed veggies

I am unable to post an exact recipe for this dish; I made it on the spur-of-the-moment, using (I think) coarse bulgur and lentils.  Use the directions for stuffing zucchini except substitute bulgur for rice and add a handful of cooked brown lentils; the bulgur needs to be soft; pour boiling water over the bulgur […]

Roasted wheat berries

Ms. M. Khairallah is a lady in her eighties living alone in her family’s ancestral home in the village of Ghineh in the Lebanese mountains. Her memories of the olden days is crisp and clear; she recounts how back then every family had a small plot and was growing wheat to sustain them throughout the […]