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Sweet chickpea powder (Na3oomeh)

Beirut is a city that is fast becoming unrecognizable to those of us who grew up here; Ottoman-style homes with inner courtyards, street cart vendors and baskets lowered from balconies are nearly all gone; this is why when I went searching for this candy called na3oomeh I came home empty-handed. One man I asked told […]

Grape candy (Uvinha)

  Brazil is the country with the largest number of Lebanese expats and immigrants, especially the county of Sao Paulo; one of my grandmother’s brothers, Georges,  left the family  to make a life  there  as a young man and my grandmother never saw her brother again. Today, his descendants were traced back and cousins are […]

Popcorn balls in chocolate-caramel

This is for the child lurking inside of us. Halloween parties, Christmas parties, any party, or just a movie night planned for Friday would be the occasion to indulge in these. You can make them without fear if you own a candy thermometer and save time by using microwave popcorn. INGREDIENTS: Serves 12 1 bag […]

Rose marshmallows

You’d be making marshmallows often if you knew how easy they are to make; I found out this weekend, when I decided to make them as a distraction from the palpable tension in the city (and the country in general).  Funny thing is found out my blogger friend Nadji had posted an identical recipe (except […]

Halvah toffee (Tabtab al-janna)

If you are a fan of halvah, you will like this candy. While halvah is nearly impossible to make in a home kitchen, this is not. Only three ingredients required: Sugar, tahini and flour. Flavored with cardamom.  INGREDIENTS: 1 1/2 cups of sugar 1/2 cup of all-purpose flour 1/2 cup of tahini +extra to grease […]