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Pickled green almonds

It is green almond time (Spring) and our trees are loaded. Everywhere markets are displaying these velvety green almonds that folks love to eat whole dipped in salt; super crunchy and a natural laxative. The almonds need to ripen on their mother (an expression from a farmer I talked to that delighted me) for a […]

Garlic paste and a giveaway

This garlic mortar is used daily here in kitchens; years ago I even brought one back with me to California because I missed it and could not find it anywhere; now, these are sold in all Middle-Eastern grocery stores and I have since bought several.  I want to stress that a garlic press or simply […]

Pita and onion fries

Chef Ramzi Choueiry was the first Lebanese chef to showcase the regional variations in traditional Lebanese cuisine; in his monumental Culinary Heritage of Lebanon he explored the country, stopping at remote villages and transcribing recipes local folks would give him. This happens to be one of them, stunning in its simplicity: just fry pita croutons and […]

Lunch by the Litani river

Interested in courage? generosity? resilience in front of adversity? Then you have to meet Abu Kassem and his family. In a region known for decades as a war zone, now housing thousands of UN troops, lives Abu Kassem and his family. The Litani river, mentioned in the news every time there is talk of Lebanon, […]

Lebanese salad dressing, in 56 seconds

I  moved to  California  in the early eighties  and back then  everybody around me was using bottled salad dressing with names like Ranch, Thousand Islands, French; that  was  bewildering to me; I did not understand why someone would buy a bottle of these rich  concoctions when it was so easy to whip up a salad […]