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Citrus muffins (Nammoura)

This is one of the most popular Ramadan pastries. I was always critical of the ones sold in stores as being too cloyingly sweet and too dense. Instead, I devised some nammoura bars and a batch of nammoura muffins. The nammouras  are still sweet, but with a soft tender texture and full of tanginess from […]

Carob brownies

I did not know we had some carob trees in our orchard . Salah grabbed a few pods and started chewing them, saying that back in Egypt (that’s where he is from), they make a juice with the pods and drink it for Ramadan; carob is super nutritious and keeps hunger pangs and thirst at bay […]

Chocolate/oatmeal brownies

Last night, both my daughter and I had a craving, the brownie craving, and needed to get it answered within the hour.  This version uses oatmeal flour instead of the regular all-purpose white flour; I tried it as an experiment and was so relieved to find that it tastes the same and makes me feel […]

Crescent with Turkish delight (Laffafate bel-raha)

I am unaware of the exact origin of this pastry; however, since I saw it mentioned in two Armenian cookbooks, it is probably Armenian. The dough is very similar in texture to rugelach dough, and is very simple to make (only flour, butter and cream); it is a bit fragile to handle (sprinkle it with […]

Date sandwich cake

This is one of those homestyle no-bake desserts put together with leftover dates and cookies and kept in the freezer or fridge for days; perfect for a quick sweet nibble or a treat to offer an unexpected guest.  Middle-Eastern stores sell a packaged date paste making the job even easier. This version is inspired by […]