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Chocolate/oatmeal brownies

Last night, both my daughter and I had a craving, the brownie craving, and needed to get it answered within the hour.  This version uses oatmeal flour instead of the regular all-purpose white flour; I tried it as an experiment and was so relieved to find that it tastes the same and makes me feel […]

Crescent with Turkish delight (Laffafate bel-raha)

I am unaware of the exact origin of this pastry; however, since I saw it mentioned in two Armenian cookbooks, it is probably Armenian. The dough is very similar in texture to rugelach dough, and is very simple to make (only flour, butter and cream); it is a bit fragile to handle (sprinkle it with […]

Date sandwich cake

This is one of those homestyle no-bake desserts put together with leftover dates and cookies and kept in the freezer or fridge for days; perfect for a quick sweet nibble or a treat to offer an unexpected guest.  Middle-Eastern stores sell a packaged date paste making the job even easier. This version is inspired by […]

Abbas cookie (Kaak al-Abbas)

I have a new-found appreciation for traditions lately; probably because I grew up in a family who pooh-poohed all manner of traditions (or at least my mother did). I asked around Malak and Hossein and other friends and acquaintances what is traditional for the commemoration of Ashura; first of all, huge vats of a wheat […]

Halvah/chocolate brownies

I picked up a brochure for a restaurant chain running Ramadan specials and quickly ran through it until I stumbled on a familiar image. Golly, that was MY photograph! Taken three or four years ago (of kafta sandwiches); spent the following hour debating whether I should go after the unethical bunch.  This brownie recipe is […]