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Carrot almond tart (Christine Ferber)

 Christine Ferber is a celebrated pastry chef  in France. She is especially known for her jams and preserves. One of her books landed on my lap the other day,  Mes Tartes Sucrées et salées and I was riveted.  This carrot tarte uses  an almond cream (crème frangipane), and combines it with orange juice and grated […]

Carob brownies

I did not know we had some carob trees in our orchard . Salah grabbed a few pods and started chewing them, saying that back in Egypt (that’s where he is from), they make a juice with the pods and drink it for Ramadan; carob is super nutritious and keeps hunger pangs and thirst at bay […]

Mother’s Day cake

Mother’s Day falls on different dates in Lebanon and the US. I have finally caught-up with it in May (it takes place in March in Lebanon) Roses are in full bloom here, the kind that people make rosewater from (called ward joury). I had pulled-up at a gas station  in Dallas and as I lowered the window, […]

Pears in butterscotch sauce

The word “butterscotch” reminded me of the following scene taking place when my son was growing up; I’d say “what type of cake would you like for your birthday?”, and his answer would always be “Butterscotch”. Every year.   These days, both he and I would probably prefer this light and sweet dessert to a three-layered […]

Crowns in kadaifi with nuts (Tajate)

This is one of those pastries that once you bite into (for a small little bite of course),  you find yourself eating the entire thing and swooning all the way. It is extra crunchy, yet light, and sweet but not too much, and nutty; in short, heavenly. They are called tajate (crowns) These are not […]