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Yogurt drink (Ayran)

I posted this image on the blog’s Facebook page, just to see how many people would respond to it. Initially I thought it was only an Eastern Mediterranean (Turkey) and  Middle-Eastern drink; turns out it is popular in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, even in parts of China. In Lebanon, it is called ayran and most people  buy it […]

Carob juice (Sharab al-kharroub)

The Holy Month of Ramadan is just around the corner. Normally during that time, stores in Beirut ( Middle-Eastern ones in the US and Canada) fill-up with traditional juices, such as tamarind, jellab, amardeen (apricot), all known to be hearty and nutritious. There were a couple of carob trees in the orchard and Salah (gentleman farmer) started […]


Lebanon is such a small country (around 4 million people) that when people meet you the first question that pops is: What is your family name and which part of the country are you from; in order to  determine if there is a likelihood of being related, even distantly, or as  a way to sum-up […]

Hawthorn blossoms tea

The hawthorn (za’aroor)  is an important tree in the Lebanese ancestral traditions. It grows wild in the countryside and its berries used to be made into jam at the end of Summer. It is known to be beneficial to the heart, and an Iraqi cardiologist friend once pointed out to a hawthorn nearby and told […]

Hibiscus tea (Sharab Karkadé)

A delicious drink made from dried hibiscus flowers. I was gifted with a bunch from my gentleman-farmer friend Salah from Egypt. The taste is tangy and fruity, similar to cranberry flavor. I like to sweeten it and I drink it almost every day, either hot or cold.  Hibiscus tea is supposed to be very healthy […]