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Saffron/Cantaloupe smoothie

I brought saffron with me from Dubai. The heat index here in Beirut did not call for a huge biryani.  I had to come-up with something refreshing that would pass muster. The twenty-something that I hang out with are smoothie experts.  They approved.  Inhaled, in fact. INGREDIENTS: 2 servings 1 cup milk  1 pinch of saffron […]

Pomegranate drink

This drink is inspired by a punch I had at a beach wedding in Lebanon; one of these lavish weddings that take place in the country, making you feel like you are in a world of fairy tales.   To reproduce this drink, I am going to insist that fresh pomegranates be used. INGREDIENTS: 4 servings […]

Yogurt drink (Ayran)

I posted this image on the blog’s Facebook page, just to see how many people would respond to it. Initially I thought it was only an Eastern Mediterranean (Turkey) and  Middle-Eastern drink; turns out it is popular in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, even in parts of China. In Lebanon, it is called ayran and most people  buy it […]

Carob juice (Sharab al-kharroub)

The Holy Month of Ramadan is just around the corner. Normally during that time, stores in Beirut ( Middle-Eastern ones in the US and Canada) fill-up with traditional juices, such as tamarind, jellab, amardeen (apricot), all known to be hearty and nutritious. There were a couple of carob trees in the orchard and Salah (gentleman farmer) started […]


Lebanon is such a small country (around 4 million people) that when people meet you the first question that pops is: What is your family name and which part of the country are you from; in order to  determine if there is a likelihood of being related, even distantly, or as  a way to sum-up […]