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Hibiscus tea (Sharab Karkadé)

A delicious drink made from dried hibiscus flowers. I was gifted with a bunch from my gentleman-farmer friend Salah from Egypt. The taste is tangy and fruity, similar to cranberry flavor. I like to sweeten it and I drink it almost every day, either hot or cold.  Hibiscus tea is supposed to be very healthy […]

Seville orange syrup (sharab al-busfeyr)

This delicious syrup is made with the juice of Seville oranges (busfeyr) and sugar. Now is the season for these types of oranges, which are prized in Lebanon (and the Eastern Mediterranean in general) for their sweet and sour flavor. Their season is short, so folks would either freeze their juice or make this syrup […]

Myrtle liqueur

We have a myrtle bush (called hemblass) and I wanted to do something else besides eating the berries raw. Well my aunt told me that her 85-year young friend Milady makes ” a delicious” liqueur with these myrtle berries. I got on the phone to ask for her recipe and was relieved to find out […]

Mulberry drink (Sharab el-toot)

In the mountains, the rules are different; barter, for instance, is still practiced. Our mulberry tree mysteriously refused to give us any fruit for ten years on; our neighbor has the tree that keeps on giving; we help ourselves and she gets our peaches and eggplants (and cucumbers, etc). Her mother, an energetic 89-year-old, climbs […]

Yerba mate ceremony

  This past Sunday, I was invited to drink mate  at a lovely sheikha‘s house in the Chouf mountains. Mate is a green herb popular and traditional in Argentina and other parts of South America;  the Druze community in Lebanon has imported yerba maté  into their villages in the  Chouf mountains;  it has become an […]