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Iraqi cuisine (Al-tabekh al-3iraki), a giveaway

This book on Iraqi cuisine is the result of a job assignment I took on last year in Beirut; the publisher’s well-known cooking book (Alef baa’ al-tabekh) became a best-seller (for years) and is an encyclopedic cookbook on  Lebanese cuisine. Incidentally, I met the author (co-author with her mom) of that book and she told […]

Giveaway result

GeneratorMin: Max: Result:40Powered by RANDOM.ORG Thanks to this nifty little online application, here is the winning number; turns out to be Anna from Banana wonder. Congratulations! Hope you enjoy Jasmine and Fire by Salma Abdelnour. [Translate]
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Giveaway result

 Result: Number 11 out of 62, powered by RANDOM.ORG Megan Moore gets the book of photographs from the children in the Palestinian camps in Lebanon. Megan please forward me your address at your convenience. Congratulations, hope the children in your school get interested in this book. For anybody else interested in acquiring this book, I […]


  This giveaway is not for a cookbook but a photography book; it is a collection of photographs taken by 500 children residing in the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon. This project was carried out by an NGO, Zakira ( meaning memory in Arabic) whose primary goal is to promote the value of photography and […]

Almond Ma’moul and a giveaway!

With Easter approaching, I have been in a frenzy of ma’moul making, stuffing them with pistachios, dates and now almonds. However, unlike my grandmother who made them by hand all the way, I am using the food processor (kneading the dough takes less than 2 minutes) and the ma’moul molds. I am also giving away […]