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Goat chili with red lentils

  Goat meat is very lean, so if you are considering reducing red meat from your diet, it is a good option. You will have a bowl of this chili made with goat meat, and you will not get the usual feeling of heaviness that comes from eating fatty meat. This chili is light. It […]

Chicken and wheat porridge (Hreessey)

Hreessey (pronounced hur-ee-ssay) is a traditional porridge-like dish with few ingredients. It is the epitome of comfort food in  Lebanese villages, especially when the weather turns cooler. Its main ingredient? Wheat berries, cooked for a long time till popped and silky-soft in a broth of lamb  and (or) chicken. The berries swell up and drink […]

Goat chili

Goat meat is available at my neighborhood Middle-Eastern store. Much leaner and much more nutritious than other red meats, it makes  an  excellent  chili. I used cranberry beans to go with it. Simmered the mixture for about  three hours and served it with a handful of extra-sharp cheddar cheese and a sprinkle of chopped onions. […]

Goat kibbeh tartare (Kibbeh Nayeh)

An outing was planned this Sunday to visit one of the producers at Souk el Tayeb and get acquainted with the region ofEhden in which he and his family  live. A short hike in the Nature Reservefollowed by a feast at their home was on the program. Mr. Sarkis Jeriusand his wife Leena slaughtered a […]