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Knefeh ice-cream

Rushing to get things done on Christmas Eve and I want to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season! This ice-cream came from a deli in Beirut that has been around since 1955 called Aziz. It is called knefeh ice-cream;  had a quick chat with the chef who invented it, Chef Jihad Nohra. Well I did […]

Rose and chocolate shake

This is a simple shake, part dark chocolate, part rose ice-cream; no need to make your own rose ice-cream, just add some rose syrup to vanilla ice-cream until the taste feels right to you; I also added some rose petal jam which is usually available in any Middle-Eastern store. Question: Why does’n’t milk shake become […]

Raspberry ice-cream

Hot, muggy days cause me to feel lazy in the kitchen. Making dessert better not be too elaborate, or require more than a few ingredients; this ice-cream which my mother used to make, is the simplest, creamiest, most delicious frozen concoction you can make, provided you own a blender or food processor.  INGREDIENTS: 6 to […]

Sweet Lime Ice

Ever had sweet limes? Sweet limes look just like their cousins the lemons, except they are sweet and delicate-tasting and have zero acidity. In Lebanon they are popular as a snack, whenever they are in season;  in the US, they are produced in California I think, but are not widely distributed. This ice can be […]

Lychee and labneh frozen yogurt

For those of you still fighting cold weather, I am sincerely sorry; temperatures are in the high nineties over here and about the only retail eateries  always full of people are frozen yogurt shops. Well, labneh is drained yogurt, right? I had a jar of store-bought labneh in the fridge and I used it  to […]