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Mango pickle (Amba)

Mango pickles always remind me of Iraq, when I first tasted this condiment  with the famous grilled fish (masgoof) by the banks of the Tigris in Baghdad. Velvety, peppery from the chilis and tangy. The permutation of spices here is infinite. Easy to prepare too (about 15 minutes).  INGREDIENTS:  2 large firm, green mangoes (or more) […]

Green Walnut Preserves (M’rabba al-jowz al-akhdar)

I noticed a bunch of walnut trees bearing these green fruits  in our mountain town of Deir el-Qamar. I picked a few as I was walking and almost immediately a lady walking  behind me asked if I was going to cook them. We ended-up striking a conversation (found out she was an author, had worked for […]

Pumpkin jam cubes (Mrabba etta’ al-yakteen)

  This pumpkin jam reminds me of my grandmother, Nabiha Aftimos, who lived in a world that had not succumbed to speed obsession, cell phone dependency or internet. Whatever she made in the kitchen took time, and it was fine and natural by her. She used to make these types of sweets with bitter orange peels or […]

Quince jam

It is quince season now and while waiting for the fruits to ripen a few weeks on the trees, I was plotting ways to use them. First off, jam is in order. Here is a recipe inspired by the Persian tradition and Najmieh Batmanglij’s Food of Life.  If you have never tried quince, it is […]

Mulberry jam

Mulberry season is in for a short while here in Lebanon. Sweet as can be (especially the purple variety), these little berries can be preserved into jams or syrups. Full of fiber too, these are the ideal fruit for breakfast.  INGREDIENTS: 1 pound of mulberries 3 cups of sugar 1 tbsp of fresh lemon juice […]