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Kibbeh in yogurt (Labniyeh)

 This is one of the best (if not the best) kibbeh dishes; we grew up with it, with my grandmother patiently coring the hollow kibbeh balls and stirring the yogurt till thickened. The final kick of flavor was when the cilantro and garlic fried in oil was added to the sauce. In Lebanon, the hollow […]

Fish kibbeh stuffed with seafood

Met this talented photographer ( check out his image of a woman in the desert)  at a work assignment and he said: “Let’s shoot some extreme food images”. I said: “How about a fish kibbeh stuffed with more fish? “. He replied: ” Live fish?” I smiled.  Here is the fish kibbeh dome stuffed with shrimp and […]

Potato bulgur pie (Kibbet al-batata)

There are many versions of potato kibbeh; some are strictly vegan, others contain a layer of meat, some are made into balls and stuffed with onions and nuts, etc. This one is made up of mashed potato mixed with bulgur and stuffed with a layer of ground meat and onions (with a sprinkling of nuts […]

Lentil kibbeh

This is a speedy and delicious type of kibbeh (in Kurdish balloo3) that I tasted at the home of a Kurdish friend whose family resided in  Turkey. The lentils cook in water in minutes and are combined with fine bulgur; spices here are dried coriander and fried onions and a touch of red pepper powder […]

Kibbeh sajieh

This kibbeh is baked rather than fried; it is shaped like a saj, this concave-shaped oven that sits on many street corners in Beirut these days; it is filled with fried onions and walnuts and spiced with hot chili pepper and pomegranate molasses. Served with some muhammara dip on the side. A traditional saj being […]