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Lentil kibbeh

This is a speedy and delicious type of kibbeh (in Kurdish balloo3) that I tasted at the home of a Kurdish friend whose family resided in  Turkey. The lentils cook in water in minutes and are combined with fine bulgur; spices here are dried coriander and fried onions and a touch of red pepper powder […]

Semolina/bulgur kibbeh (Kuttelk)

This is a traditional kibbeh from Merdin, Turkey made in Beirut by Asma Z., a Kurdish lady. Asma is one of my favorite people here and she told me some tidbits from her life; her family left Turkey and settled in Lebanon and her mother put her to work as a maid at the age […]

Kurdish kebab (Kebab a fistiqan)

There are many Kurds who live in Lebanon especially Beirut and I have met and grown fond of a few. I have admired their courage  and always felt a fascination for their culture and traditions and sad for their hardships. I recently found out that there are several flights a week from Beirut to Kurdistan […]