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Fava beans in the stalks with cilantro sauce (Ful akhdar ‘ateh)

Fava beans, pronounced fool in this part of the world, are a much beloved vegetable. They are made into a delicious salad when still young (and their pods still tiny), using the entire stalk. They are stir-fried in a garlic and herb sauce, smothered in olive oil, then boiled till tender. The stalks turn very […]

Mashed potato fritters

In chef Marlene Mattar’s latest cookbook Maedat Marlene men Halab, she mentions that these Aleppian potato fritters were traditionally made  in a dish such as the one pictured above; lucky lady who got to spend time in Aleppo before the tragic mayhem; since Aleppo has the well-deserved reputation for exquisite gastronomy, I was dying to try […]

Cauliflower fritters

I found this recipe in a cookbook I bought recently while in Kurdistan (Iraq); the cookbook was in Arabic and featured the recipes of a very popular TV cooking chef personality in the Arab world, Mrs Manal el-Alem. It took reading a few recipes until I realized the book had been pirated because none of […]

Fish in papillote

Even a die-hard cooking aficionado needs a respite; that’s why this technique of cooking fish is so great; first of all, it won’t smell up the kitchen, it takes just minutes to put together, and the results are always superlative. A perfect way to end the workweek.  All you need is a good fish fillet […]

Gratinéed fish

Just because one enjoys  cooking elaborate dishes  does not mean that meals done in a jiffy are discarded from one’s life. Having made that point, here is a fish plate that can be prepared in minutes. Any white fish fillet will do; the fish is seasoned then coated with a mixture of swiss,  parmesan and […]