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Was it in the eighties that quiche were in vogue? I can’t pin-point the exact date, but I remember everybody being enthralled with quiches, and a slogan “real men don’t eat quiche”; or was it real men eat quiche? Anyway, now it seems we are back into depriving oneself of certain types of food, depending […]

Areesheh turnovers

At a job assignment recently I was in the midst of a group of culinary and  restaurant professionals; all were native Lebanese, but each was from a different region. I started asking each one what kind of food did they love eating growing up. What was so surprising was that not one of them had […]

Three cheese quiche

  There is a fancy deli in Beirut called Aziz (they’ve been around forever) and they carry all the  French cheeses, American chips and salsa, Italian pastas, Thai curries  your little heart could desire; I was in a big hurry and got some Comté and some Beaufort (never tried it before). Beaufort (found out after the […]

Spinach and mozzarella pie (Tiella di spinaci)

I was not aware of the existence of tiellas until I struck up a Facebook  friendship with Nicola Tarallo, a native of Gaeta, Italy; apparently tiellas are a specialty of Gaeta, a picturesque fisherman’s town close to Naples. Nicola  himself has lived in the US here and there (including a stint in Dallas) and is back […]

Chard tart

I have found myself in Lebanon in times when a war was raging (many times); the latest crisis occurred 36 hours ago when the internet was cut off in the entire country for two full days. I mean, can anything be worse than that for a blogger? When I called the internet provider, the lady […]