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Bacon and potato cake

One of those meals that will hit the spot, feed a crowd economically, looks good and is easy to make; the only requirement is to get thick-sliced bacon and some good waxy potatoes. Recipe is adapted from Chef Guillaume Gomez, from the Elysée Palace, Paris, France. INGREDIENTS: Pan used was 8inX3in 16 THICK slices of […]

Pork tenderloin stuffed with cheese

Nicole was French, lived in Dallas and worked for the French-American chamber of commerce. She had a stylish flat in a high-rise and used to entertain on the balcony; it had a great view of the Dallas skyline; I thought she lived the ideal life. One night we were sitting there and she pulled out […]

Pork tenderloin with fennel and onion jam

Lebanon is a small mediterranean country; as such, it is covered with wild fennel. I saw this herb growing in the mountains and on the coastline. It can be made into an infusion or incorporated into all sorts of dishes. This dish however uses the fennel bulb offered in supermarkets, caramelized in a bit of […]