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Orange and milk pudding (Balouza)

 Winter season offers one redeeming value:  The availability of citrus of all kinds. I could easily drink half a gallon of fresh orange juice every day. This pudding is a tad fancier than the traditional muhallabieh that my grandmother used to make weekly with powdered milk. I used blood orange juice for the bottom layer […]

Milk and bread pudding (Ashtaliyeh)

MERRY CHRISTMAS 2013!! A wonderful lady in Beirut, Mrs Dora Hassan, gifted us this milk and bread pudding telling me “this was a little dessert she had concocted with her girlfriends”. She calls it ashtaliyeh; the classic ashtaliyeh is a creamy pudding flavored with rose and orange blossom water and a touch of mastic. Mrs. Hassan’s version […]

Milk pudding (Muhallabiyeh)

This pudding used to belong to the category: What your mother or grandmother will make at home. Now it is available in Beirut everywhere, in delis, at juice bars, coffee joints, even in supermarkets under a label. I guess there are less and less mothers and grandmothers at home making muhallabieh. The rule of thumb […]

Egg in chocolate cream

It  dawned on me that Easter is coming up when I saw rows of chocolate eggs all over the chocolate stores in Beirut;  figured I needed to come up with something quick.  My mother subscribes to a French weekly women’s magazine and leafing through it I found what I was looking for; their recipe however […]

Muhallabieh with candied lemon

I was reminded recently (after a glorious lunch at Kamal’s) how wonderful our homey muhallabieh can be. It is perfect in many ways; it takes less than 5 minutes to prepare, it does not require many ingredients (milk, sugar, starch or rice flour, flavoring), it is very versatile. I had just never tried it with […]