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Cream of wheat pudding (Ma’mouniyeh)

Here is a traditional (and ancient) Middle-Eastern pudding that can be prepared very easily with ingredients from any mainstream supermarket. It is named after the ninth century Caliph Ma’moun (revered by some and loathed by others). It is so simple to make, yet it is a celebratory dessert. It is also prepared for a special breakfast […]

Orange and milk pudding (Balouza)

 Winter season offers one redeeming value:  The availability of citrus of all kinds. I could easily drink half a gallon of fresh orange juice every day. This pudding is a tad fancier than the traditional muhallabieh that my grandmother used to make weekly with powdered milk. I used blood orange juice for the bottom layer […]

Milk and bread pudding (Ashtaliyeh)

MERRY CHRISTMAS 2013!! A wonderful lady in Beirut, Mrs Dora Hassan, gifted us this milk and bread pudding telling me “this was a little dessert she had concocted with her girlfriends”. She calls it ashtaliyeh; the classic ashtaliyeh is a creamy pudding flavored with rose and orange blossom water and a touch of mastic. Mrs. Hassan’s version […]

Milk pudding (Muhallabiyeh)

This pudding used to belong to the category: What your mother or grandmother will make at home. Now it is available in Beirut everywhere, in delis, at juice bars, coffee joints, even in supermarkets under a label. I guess there are less and less mothers and grandmothers at home making muhallabieh. The rule of thumb […]

Egg in chocolate cream

It  dawned on me that Easter is coming up when I saw rows of chocolate eggs all over the chocolate stores in Beirut;  figured I needed to come up with something quick.  My mother subscribes to a French weekly women’s magazine and leafing through it I found what I was looking for; their recipe however […]