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Tawlet Ammiq

Last Sunday was the grand opening of Tawlet Ammiq, Kamal Mouzawak‘s latest venture.  The restaurant is located in the Bekaa Valley, nudged between the village of Ammiq and a mountain range with a bird’s eye view of the valley beyond. The restaurant and village of Ammiq sit on a natural reserve (UN protected site).  It […]

Lebanese traditional bread (Markouk)


Samar by Stephan Pyles

Photo taken from Stephan Pyles Facebook profile When I moved to Dallas in the eighties, Stephan Pyles was the most famous and talked-about chef; everybody was rushing to his new restaurant Routh Street Café, where the buzz was that “a new cuisine was being invented“. At Routh Street Café,  one could  taste tamales with venison […]

L’Atelier in Beirut

When my friend Jacqueline mentioned L’Atelier as being the best place to eat in Beirut, I thought to myself “Yeah, whatever...” I had secretly sworn off most eateries as being either too expensive or too disappointing. Well, serendipitously, I was invited there a couple of days later by a childhood friend I had not seen […]

Lunch at Tawlet

Tawlet is yet another of Kamal Mouzawak‘s creations  and a must-stop on your foodie tour of Beirut’s restaurants. The concept of Tawlet is unique: give a chance to Lebanon’s artisan food producers and cooks from different regions and villages  to showcase their traditional dishes on a rotating basis. Every Friday morning, the menu (which varies […]