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Oatmeal stew (Shoofan wlahmeh)

Maybe you share my love for old books, especially cookbooks. One of my favorite places to spend a Saturday afternoon is this giant used bookstore in Dallas with every book imaginable under the sun (and a huge cooking and art section); it also has the required coffee shop inside, lots of seating and a casual […]

Stuffed turnips (Mehshi el-lefet)

One of many stuffed vegetable dishes (mehshi)  from the region; this one is most likely Aleppian (Syrian) or Palestinian. It is very simple, with minimal spices (black pepper, a touch of cinnamon). The only difference with the Lebanese-style stuffed veggies is the sauce. The sauce is made with tamarind and water (and lots of garlic). […]

Wheat berry stew (Hreesseh)

This dish, a stew of wheat berries and meat (or chicken) has been around for a long time in Lebanese  traditions. It brings to mind different events, depending on who you ask. Most recently, the Ashura commemoration gives rise to feverish and communal preparations of hreesseh; when it is finally ready, it is offered not […]

Stuffed zucchini in yogurt sauce

Definitely comfort-food, Lebanese-style;  these are available already cored and neatly wrapped in all large supermarkets; all one has to do is quickly stuff them, parboil them and finish them off in a yogurt sauce;  the pulp is great for making fritters. A vegetarian version of this dish could be rice and mushrooms and lots of herbs; […]

Lebanese-style dolmas (Mehshee warak enab wkoosa)

This is the epitome of a Lebanese-style dolmas; the grape leaves are picked fresh  (and the freh grape leaves are sold at Middle-Eastern stores )or you can use the brined ones. The zucchinis are much maller and sweeter; you can cut them in half if you like (I did that for decades, leaving one inch […]