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Ultimate Lebanese burger

Everyone these days is at the beach or by a pool; I missed Fourth of July this year and so I was daydreaming about what the Ultimate Lebanese Burger would taste like.  For one, it would have some m’tabbal aka baba ghannouj aka eggplant caviar in lieu of mayo and mustard. The patty would be some […]

Buckwheat burger

  This recipe is from Maria Speck’s Ancient Grains for Modern meals. Maria’s background interested me: She is from a Greek mother and a German father; and is married to an Indian. The challenges of coping with  contrasting cultures (and the resulting richness) makes  for an interesting cookbook, which is a synthesis of these influences. […]


  If you have  a  can of sardines staring at you and no inspiration, make  a croque-sardines! Inspired by the ubiquitous croque-monsieur,  except my croque-sardines has Middle-Eastern flavor. Get some  rustic bread, slather a slice with muhammara, layer a few sardines; in the meantime, broil another slice with goat cheese. NOTE: For a  sardine-hummus sandwich, […]

Beet and labneh bruschetta with beet greens pesto

I had bought a mandoline made in France and was dying to use it; after all, the French invented this thing, right? So I dutifully watched the CD that came with it, (twice),  showing the beautiful Vosges region where the mandoline-makers were  located; then I tried using it and was having a hard time. Finally, […]

Ham and cheese roll (Brazilian)

  Brazil is a second motherland for more Lebanese folks than there are in Lebanon; naturally, Lebanese immigrants to Brazil have imported their kibbeh and their tabbouleh to their adopted homeland; in return, they have espoused all things Brazilian. This sandwich, called enroladinho de presunto e queijo is a Brazilian version of a ham and […]