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Fava beans in the stalks with cilantro sauce (Ful akhdar ‘ateh)

Fava beans, pronounced fool in this part of the world, are a much beloved vegetable. They are made into a delicious salad when still young (and their pods still tiny), using the entire stalk. They are stir-fried in a garlic and herb sauce, smothered in olive oil, then boiled till tender. The stalks turn very […]

Zucchini and cracked wheat pilaf (Jreesh el-koossa)

Here is a very simple and rustic dish from Syria’s Kurdish community; it is just zucchini and onions, fried a bit in olive oil and cooked with some cracked wheat (jreesh). The cracked wheat can be replaced by any whole-grain in your pantry, with bulgur being the best substitute (pick a coarse bulgur if possible). The […]

Bulgur pilaf (Burghol mufalfal ma’al joz)

This bulgur pilaf is a Turkish recipe from Sima Othman Yassine’s Al tabekh al-terkey. It is light, easy, versatile;  this version caught my eye because I had all of the required ingredients waiting to be used: Walnuts, green pepper, raisins and (white) coarse bulgur.  One important point to note is bulgur has more protein and more […]

Potatoes in tahini sauce (Batata bel-theeneh)

Tahini is our Middle- Eastern butter or mayo; it goes in just about everything; unlike butter, it is  vegan as it is simply sesame seed paste; add to it some fresh lemon juice and a touch of garlic and you’ve got tarator sauce. Add some oranges and clementines, and you’ve got arnabiyeh sauce. Mix it […]

Potato cake

The coming of Fall and the ensuing cold weather does not thrill me to bits, if it was not for the veggies that one gets to indulge in, like potatoes or pumpkins. This potato cake is simple to make, just a casserole of sliced taters with grated cheese and a sprinkle of zaatar; the golden-brown […]